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Our Process:

  1. Fill in your Personal Details
  2. Choose Your Board Shape
  3. Select Longboard Type (Foundation Series or Classic Collection)
  4. Choose Your Wood Grain if you selected Classic Collection
  5. Choose your Grip Tape options
  6. Select Deck Only or Complete Setup
  7. Select if you want an additional Custom Engraved Design
  8. Add any special requests or comments
  9. Submit Enquiry
  10. Wait 24 hours for our response back to you with a full quotation
  11. And if you have any further questions? Visit our FAQ’s page or contact us via email HERE.

Please fill out the below form:

*Foundation Series is the more affordable option compared to the Classic Collection if you are on a budget

*If you chose the Foundation Series, you can also request to have a colour of your choice sprayed onto a part of the board.
*Classic Collection wood grains are subject to availability (All our blanks are made in batches and may vary slightly as per above pictures.)
*Custom Engraved artworks can be personally and custom designed to your requests.

*Please SHARE your personal design and or idea's of what you would like engraved on you board with us below.