Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our main workshop and showroom in Montague gardens has the largest range of our boards and is open for viewing on an appointment basis.
  • Online via our Board Selector –
  • Baboon Boards in Lake Side (Limited Stock)
  • Boardhub – Battery Park Waterfront (Limited Stock)


Whatsapp: 083 39 11161 (Unlikely to answer phone calls due to being busy with manufacturing and working on machines)

Our workshop is open to anybody interested in skateboarding or ordering a board and we would love to take you for a tour, share some stories and show you some processes of how each board is made, however we work strictly on an appointment basis. So contact us to plan an appointment, our time is flexible and we are able to plan for after hours or weekends if applicable.

Yes we do, we sell a variety of trusted skate brands and deal with local distributors. The trucks, wheels and bearing brands, depend on what is available from the suppliers at the time of purchase. This may vary season to season.

Yes we do, at the moment we are doing small-scale export, time period depends on where it is and what courier/shipment options are selected

Yes, our boards are all manufactured from start to finish locally in Cape Town South Africa by the Kingdom Team

Unfortunately not, as a brand, our goal is to uphold a certain image on our product and as much as we love personalizing boards, the final artwork designs need to be confirmed by our designer. Our basic guidelines consist of: no profanity, blasphemy, graphics, racist content or any symbolism regarding those, no Promotion of other brands unless spoken about and accepted by our team

Standard turnaround time is 2 weeks/10 working days, this time may however vary depending on stock availability and the process of designing and finalizing the artwork.

Yes, our boards have a one year skate breakage warranty, unless driven over by a car. For the old broken/damaged board to be replaced, it needs to be returned and inspected before replacing.

Trucks: Bear Trucks, Road Riders, Independent, Bullet, Krux, Surf

Bearings: Baboon Balls, Independent, Bronson, Empire

Wheels: Hawgs, OJ’s, Kryptonics, Abec 11

German Beech, Maple, Birch, Purple Heart, Rosewood, Kiaat, American Walnut, Wenge

Our woods are of the highest quality and internationally sourced only from companies that adhere to strictly controlled and sustainable forestry policies and which are certified for highest business standards.

If there were better quality options available locally that were from sustainable plantations, we would definitely be using them, however due to the process manufacturing our boards it requires the highest quality wood that can be sourced with the least knots and cracks. Also wood grown in colder climates are usually harder and stronger which is what you are looking for when constructing skate decks