Board Shapes

Each deck is uniquely handcrafted from start to finish at the Kingdom Factory in Cape Town.

Our Timbers are hand selected piece by piece for the highest quality and all come from sustainable plantations around the world. The selected wood then goes through a process of being machined, laminated and pressed into various moulds. No harmful chemicals are used in these processes and we strive to keep everything we do as environmentally friendly as possible.

Once pressed, the blank is set up on an automated machine where the truck holes are precision drilled for 100% accuracy and then taken into the shaping bay where the deck gets hand shaped, thoroughly sanded and finally sprayed giving each board an authentic finish. No deck is ever the same, each having their own unique fingerprint of natural wood grain.

Once Sprayed, the Deck is setup on the laser machine where the Kingdom® Logo and Shapers Signature gets engraved into the wood. Starting from 2019, each board is also Engraved with its own personal Serial Number starting from 001 and the Month and Year in which it was shaped.