Fish Tail

Fish Tail

If you are looking for an attractive and eye catching surf skate shape, look no further. Our twin fin inspired FISH TAIL speaks for itself. With her classic style and retro aesthetics, let this board compliment you along many adventures, nostalgic road trips and sunset skates as you chase the endless summer.

Who’s it for?

  • Board Type – Travel , Commute , Surf Skate, Carving, Cruising, Aesthetics
  • If you looking for something fun and easy going or to compliment your surfing

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Length 76 cm  | 30 inches
Width 23.5 cm  | 9 inches
Wheelbase 41.5 cm | 16 inch
Board Type Travel , Commute ,  Surf Skate, Carve
Construction 6 Ply Birch Top x 6mm Vertically Laminated Solid wood Bottom
Woods Maple, Beech, Birch, Walnut, Wenge, Purple heart, Rosewood

*We offer Free International shipping however this does exclude your local Countries taxes and duties. If you are ordering from USA and Australia, there are no local taxes and duties under $600

Each deck is uniquely hand crafted from start to finish at the Kingdom Factory in Cape Town. Our Timbers are hand selected piece by piece for the highest quality. The selected wood then goes through a process of being machined, laminated and pressed into various concaves.

Once pressed, the blank is set up on an automated machine where the truck holes are precision drilled for 100% accuracy and then taken into the shaping bay where it gets shaped, thoroughly sanded and finally sprayed giving each board an authentic finish.

No deck is ever the same, each having their own fingerprint of natural wood grain.

All our woods come from sustainable plantations (FSC certificated) around the world and we strive to keep everything we do as environmentally friendly as possible.